Thursday, 14 March 2013

Day 1: All about Pet Theft Awareness Week

There are millions of dog, horse and other pet owners in the UK. Thankfully the majority of these will enjoy their animals without incident.  However, for victims of pet theft, having a beloved family member stolen is devastating.

Pet Theft Awareness Week wants to bring pet and horse owners together with three simple aims:
  • Educating owners to help prevent pet theft
  • Bring together like minded companies, charities and organisations to help reunite stolen pets with their owners
  • Raise the issue of pet theft in parliament to potentially bring about a change in the law

Stealing a bike or mobile phone is a horrible thing to do, but these items can be replaced. Whilst this is inconvenient, it isn’t the end of the world. Did you know that a stolen pet is considered the same as a stolen bike or mobile phone in the eyes of the law? We want this to change and we want the police and the courts to have the power to enforce tougher penalties to reflect the misery that losing a four legged family member imposes.

During “Pet Theft Awareness Week” we will be highlighting case studies, useful information, and top tips for keeping your pets safe, and all we ask is that you help us spread the word.

 ‘Pet Theft Awareness’ a is non-profit organisation and has been wonderfully supported by We are indebted to Arnot Wilson of The Dog Union, Simon Curry and Richard Jordan of VioVet,  and The Kennel Club for the huge amounts of time and effort they have put in over the past few month to make this possible. Also, all the organisations, including Vetsgetscanning and for all their efforts in making this first ever PTAW happen.

Want to get involved? Head to:
Our official Website:
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