Saturday, 16 March 2013

Day 3: Our supporters: Vets Get Scanning

Vets get scanning was set up following the founder’s, Debbie Matthews, dogs being stolen. They were subsequently returned via a live GMTV appeal as Debbie had the help of her father Bruce Forsyth to highlight her plight and she believes this is why she had a successful outcome, as both people who had bought the dogs in Southall Market were watching the TV and returned to dogs.

Debbie having gone through a heartbreaking experience realised that there were many people whose dogs had gone missing or had been stolen who did not have the power of a celebrity behind their cause and she realised through her event that vets were not routinely scanning new dogs joining their practice so she set up the Bruce Forsyth Vets Get Scanning campaign.

Why do we need to Vets Get Scanning?
We need vets to get scanning, simply because if your pet goes missing for a length of time, there comes a period when the search goes cold and all efforts come to an end.  Most stolen dogs are sold on quickly and with finders who keep dogs without reporting to the dog warden, the only person that has that last glimmer of hope is the vet.
The more microchip scanning that is done the better the chances are of missing dogs being reunited with their rightful owners

How easy is it for Vets to get scanning?
With today's technology it is so easy. The latest Halo Microchip Scanner will instantly tell the vet that an animal has been reported as missing by the Scanner Angel database which links with the two principle organisations Petlog, the largest microchip registration database and DogLost, the leading reuniting organisation you can be reunited with your pet.
This is why it is vital that vets scan all new dogs and do their part in reuniting dogs with their real owners.

Why can’t Vets Get Scanning?
If you don’t microchip your pet then vets can’t get scanning. Remember after your pet goes missing you can’t have it microchipped. So help vets get scanning and microchip now.

How can you Get Vets Scanning”
Print out our Pettheft 'Scanning' poster and ask your vet to display it. Vets should be scanning more as they sell the implanting service but you need to tell them that as a customer you would like their practice to routinely scan all registering pets. There are some vets that do, so it can be done!

 More about ....  have celebrity support and their appeal is to get all vets, or their receptionists, to scan all dogs on their books and for vets to adopt a practice policy where all dogs are routinely scanned on their first visit. 
Please visit their website

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