Sunday, 17 March 2013

Day 4: Our Supporters:

Why do we need offer a free nationwide service with their excellent website.
You can register your dog’s details and activate your dog as missing or stolen if the worst happens.

Since DogLost began in 2003, thousands of missing and stolen dogs have been reunited. DogLost is run entirely by volunteers and nationwide network of helpers. Any lost or stolen dog registered on the site will have a great chance of being reunited with its owners, as helpers work really hard every day to support its efforts in reuniting dogs with their owners.

Losing your four legged best friend is never planned and DogLost will guide you through the process of what to do. The quicker you respond the better the chances of a happy ending.

No doubt you’ve seen their posters attached to lamposts and in shop windows with a missing dog appeal. When you read the poster you’ll likely see the logo.
DogLost will automatically create a missing dog poster that you and others can print off and they can also be emailed to a friend direct from site.

They’ll also automatically email your poster out to all our helpers within a 15 mile radius of where your dog went missing from.

The DogLost posters have a national phone number whichcan take away the pressure for worried owners not wanting to give out their personal details. Their team will work on your behalf.

Their network of dedicated helpers will be your eyes and ears and if a dog matching your dog’s description is found then hopefully they’ll be contacting you with some good news.

They’ll also help with advice on how to get the media to publicise your missing dog.

Make sure you have plenty of good photographs of your dog especially of any distinguishing features. Have them available for instant use if needed.

Doglost also have a free Android App and dogs can be registered from smart phones.

DogLost have just announced a partnership with Petlog whereby anyone reporting their dog missing to them will be automativ told about DogLost’s services.

DogLost has also teamed up with Halo scanner whose scanner instantly flags-up dogs which are registered as lost or stolen to DogLost. This is of great benefit when it comes to returning pets to the rightful owner.

Lost Your Dog?
Found A Dog?
Register for FREE and log in to add details of lost and found dogs to our database and to get assistance with your search from our national network of helpers. : 0844 800 3220. is funded by donations.

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