Monday, 18 March 2013

Day 5: Horse Theft

Having any pet stolen is distressing and horses are as loved by their owners the same way that dogs and cats are.
Horses over 6 months of age are now legally required to be microchipped, however this does not deter thieves. The recent spate of horsemeat entering the food chain will be a real concern to anyone who has had their horse stolen. The law is not equipped to deal with this awful crime and legally the saddle is valued the same as the horse it sits on!

Horse theft is often highly organised by professional gangs. They will need specialist vehicles and concealing a horse is more difficult than hiding dogs or parrots. People who have had their horses stolen often recall seeing suspicious vehicles before their horse was taken. Often several horses are stolen in one night. Make notes of any unusual vehicles or anything you think is suspicious and share the information with other horse owners.

Recently a VioVet staff member’s friend had her horse taken from a paddock near Milton Keynes. They were just about to put out an appeal on their facebook page when she had the good news that the horse had appeared in a field in Yorkshire. Luckily someone had noticed an extra horse in the field and a scan flagged up the horse as having been reported stolen the previous day. Why the horse had been taken and transported to Yorkshire is anyone’s guess.
The need to instantly have your horse’s microchip number is essential. An additional menace is the loss of tack and other stable items so please mark these items as it can help recover stolen goods and lead to your stolen horse.

We have several real life incidents of horse theft including Ballymoss taken 30 years ago almost to the day. Her owner Debbie has not forgotten about ‘Mossy’ and is still keen to know what happened to her beloved horse. Losing a special companion and not knowing never leaves you.

Read Debbie’s account here along with other stolen horse incidents.


  1. It is great to see this helpful information!!! I am the founder of Stolen Horse International, aka and I have worked with theft victims 365 days a year since 1998. Horse theft happens way more than people think in many countries. Here are some more tips that may supplement this article. Hope it helps.

  2. Victims in any country can list their missing and stolen horses with Stolen Horse International. Listing fees for victims outside the USA are waived. Take a look at the reports listings which are great tools in the search for missing horses.

  3. BALLYMOSS, My Stolen Horse - the True Experience and Ordeal of a Loving Owner

  4. NR001388 - SEARCHING FOR INFORMATION ON STOLEN EQUINE Ballymoss, UK See Mossy's report listing here.