Thursday, 21 March 2013

What happens now the week is over?

What happens now the week is over?

We’ve decided to maintain this website. The facebook page and the twitter account will both stay active.
as there appears to be a need for continual Pet Theft Awareness.

We still see dogs tethered outside shops and cafes and we hear daily of dogs and horses being taken from their owners.

The fight for our pets needs to carry on so we still want  to keep campaigning.

The most important way forward is to change the law and attempt to make pet theft not worth the risk to the thieves. The police and courts need more power to combat this sickening crime.

Our government e-petition has gained over 4000 signatures in 5 weeks. We have another 47 weeks to get a further 96,000 supporters.

Can this be achieved?
Only if everyone supports us by working with us. We’ll need an ‘all hands to the pump’ attitude.
If it isn’t achieved then and its supporters have tried our best to change the law.

The need for crime data:
We’ve been in contact with the Home Office, Defra and the police to try and get statistics on pet and horse theft and getting crime figures has so far drawn a blank wall. We are working on it.

We are hopeful that we can persuade the authorities to gather data on missing and stolen animals as currently it appears that dog and horse theft reports are accounted with the ‘other’ stolen items.

Would you believe, stolen cycles actually get statistical accounts but as a very kind lady from Hertfordshire Constabulary  told us “dogs and horses are accounted in with stolen objects such as plant pots”!

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