Friday, 26 April 2013

Tracing Equines : Help with missing and stolen Horses

We want to highlight 'Tracing Equines' and the excellent work they do and how they can help reunite horses to owners:

From their forum:
Many horse owners and loaners have often wondered about the history of their equine friends, where they came from, what they used to be like, who their parents are. It's a minefield of questions and without help from others, it can often end up a lost cause. Tracing Equines aim is to help you in the best possible way that we know how, by providing information of where to start looking and an advert section where you can post your adverts, after registration. They will be published online and hopefully someone out there will recognise your horse or pony and get in touch with you.

Tracing Equines also aims to bring together the Horsewatch network round around the UK to give you up-to-date information and reports of stolen horses and reports of tack theft and suspicious incidents. All this from reputable Horsewatch sources.

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