Thursday, 13 June 2013

Puppy theft : Whole litters robbed!

We've all noticed an increase in entire litters of puppies being reported stolen in recent months.

Just take a minute to think about how this must feel for the owners. Maybe the puppies have been taken from a family with children. Burglars in and out within minutes but leaving behind a lifetime of pain for the householders.
Their house has been invaded and their most precious puppies cruelly removed sometimes even with the mother!
If your bitch is pregnant or you have puppies it will be a real concern. Please remember that professional burglars will travel long distances.

Do everything you can to protect your litter and be very careful who knows about your puppies.
Even consider sleeping next door to them so you are ready for any disturbances or intruders.
Make your property as secure as you can and consider CCTV.

Having puppies should be a pleasurable memorable experience so please make sure it is a happy one.

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