Thursday, 31 October 2013

Breeders Beware!

Let's make it harder for puppy thieves!
Thieves have stolen entire litters within minutes and the chances are your pups won’t be microchipped!
We’ve noticed in the past year several incidents of entire puppies (often with the bitch) stolen and never seen again.

A litter of puppies has a very high value. Each individual puppy is worth more than a laptop and thieves know this.
If you are well known for producing gundog puppies then be aware that you could be a target for professional thieves. Unless you make it very hard for them taking your puppies is a very easy crime to commit, so put yourself in the shoes of a criminal and consider how easy it would be to make a raid on your property.

A few simple measures can be enough to safeguard your puppies.
Ask yourself “how easy would it be to gain access to my dogs’ pen?”
If they are outside is there a sensor security light to make you aware of any intruders?
Consider improving locks and chains. If your puppies are inside then make sure window-locks are fitted and think about  locating the pen in a part of the house that would deter ‘smash-and-grab’ thieves.
It is worth investing in technology. CCTV really does deter and you can set it up to alert mobile devices if movement is captured.

Prepare for the worst!
When it comes to selling your puppies you need to be extra vigilant.
We know of puppies that have been snatched by people pretending to purchase during viewings.
Never be alone when potential buyers visit. Have a friend take number-plate car details and consider recording all viewings on a discrete webcam if you don’t have CCTV.

Can DNA technology help?
Yes, a sign on your pen outlining that your dog’s DNA profile is on file would deter thieves especially if they are repeat offenders. Thieves know the how important the use of DNA evidence is when it comes to convicting.
For £25 PetGen will extract and store the mother’s DNA which can be used in court as evidence should the puppies get stolen.!/~/product/category=6372330&id=27329597

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