Saturday, 26 October 2013

Don't become a victim!

For those visiting this site for the first time we welcome you.  
We hope that you are visiting us for tips and information and not because you have had your dog stolen.

Why the need to highlight gundog theft?
Thousands of dogs, pets and horses are stolen each year.
Pet Theft Awareness was launched earlier this year and after many high profile cases of working dogs and puppies being stolen we felt there was a need for an awareness campaign. We also want victims to find links which will hopefully be useful.

Please return to this page each day as there will be different themes and information specific to gundog theft and their puppies.

Be vigilant and be aware that dogs are being stolen by professional gangs as well as opportunists. You might think “it will happen to someone else” but thousands of valuable working dogs are taken each year and never returned.

Let’s all make it as difficult for the thieves as possible.
If your friends own pets then please let them know about Pet Theft Awareness and Gundog Theft Awareness Week.

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