Monday, 28 October 2013

What to do if you are a victim?

Stolen Gundog : What to do immediately:

Whether it is a gundog or a pet the actions are the same.
The faster you act the better your chances of a safe return are.

Write down as much information as possible regarding the circumstances, vehicles in the area or anything which could help.

Contact the police a soon as you realise your dog is missing.

Contact friends and start an immediate search of the area.

Put a message out on Facebook including an image of your dog. Tell your friends to share. Tweet too with as much information as you can including a recent photo of your dog.

If you have not done so already activate your dog's details on and visit their site for help and information.

Update microchip details to a stolen status. Halo scanners will instantly state ‘missing’.

Stolen Gundog : The following days:

Put a poster up in your police station - possibly one of the police officers (or public) will see it and recognise your dog.

Consider putting posters in supermarkets especially if you think the theft of your gundog was by non-professional thieves.
Click here for a list of council dog wardens. It is worth calling them as hopefully thieves might abandon your dog if they are worried about getting caught.

Post a photo and details on as many relevant facebook pages as possible:
These pages will quickly reach many thousands of sympathetic people who can be your eyes and ears.
Vets Get Scanning
Kennel Club
Pet Theft

Trawl through places and websites where dogs are sold such as Gumtree.

Never give up hope as dogs sometimes turn up many years after being stolen. It only takes a warden or vet to scan your dog which had been sold to an unsuspecting buyer.
This can result in an ownership dispute so please retain all images of your dog which could be used as evidence. The police often regard dog theft disputes as “civil matters”  and some recent cases have been settled in court.

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