Friday, 1 November 2013

Garden and Kennel Security

How easy would it be to steal your gundogs from your garden or kennel?
Put yourself in the shoes of a dog thief.
Is your property an easy target for anyone wanting to gain access to your dogs?
Can locks and chains be improved?

The Opportunist Thief:
What would it take to get into your garden and remove your dog? Consider ways you can improve security.
Would it be easy for an opportunist...a passer-by looking for an easy steal to get into your garden?
Are you inviting thieves into your garden by leaving bins against fencing or objects to be climbed upon?
Can gates be easily opened or climbed over?
Do you have tools or objects in your garden which would help break into a kennel?

Our advice is to consider options which prevent access to your kennel and think of ways you can deter trespassing.

Professional Thieves:
How difficult would stealing your gundog(s) be to a professional with tools and experience?
We've heard of gangs who target kennels and they'll be used to getting into gardens and quickly removing dogs from kennels within minutes. They are long gone before you 've even noticed.

Technology can help prevent theft or help in returning a stolen dog.
We've talked about these options already but if you've not seen them here they are again:
Signs on the kennel door could be your last chance of defence.

CCTV is now a lowcost deterrent. Remember, a hooded thief might might not be deterred from a camera pointing from behind, so make sure there is one visibly aimed directly into the kennel entrance which is visible on approach. Put a sign on the kennel door warning them they are being filmed and you are alerted!

DNA can be extracted and held on file for £25 with PetGen. Criminals hate DNA as they know how compelling it is as evidence. Displaying a sign on your kennel door could be enough to put off a thief and if your dog is stolen and resold then your ownership details are on file proving who owns the dog.

Loc8tor - Not only does the collar tag help find missing dogs (or whatever the tag is attached to) it can be set to alert you if the tag leaves the range you have set. Of course the collar can easily be removed but a thief might not know the tag activates your device. more info

A Retrieva
GPS collar is very difficult to remove even with tools. If your dog is stolen then you can track it using GPS technology.
more info

So please consider how you can improve your security and think about how a thief could get into your garden and gain access to your kennel.

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