Thursday, 20 February 2014

Our e-petition has now closed with 13,609 signatures.

Thank you to everyone who signed and asked friends of friends to support our shared aims.

We didn’t achieve the 100,000 but succeeded in getting over 10,000 which we can all be proud of.
In reaching 10,000 we received the government response and as expected it was non-committal.
However, in receiving their acknowledgement we can hopefully use it to open other doors at Westminster. We know this will be a long haul. Laws rarely get changed overnight!

What did the petition achieve?
It gave a focal point for our cause. We used the petition as a way of rallying the troops.
It has given us a platform. Hundreds of supporters asked all their friends to sign it. Many people had never even thought that pet theft was an issue until they were asked to sign the petition.

What now?
Our fight for justice continues and we've been planning our next moves.
The Dog Union’s Arnot Wilson handed a letter on our behalf to a minister with the promise of a future meeting. We are also in talks with some other like-minded organistions to work together with the same goal of making the theft of pets and horses a more serious offence.

We won’t start another petition for a while as we can't see us reaching the 100,000.
The suffragettes didn't change the law overnight.
These things take time and the seeds have been sown so we shall just have to see what happens!

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