Friday, 21 March 2014

be a 'Halo Hero' and help prevent pet theft and find stolen pets!

How to be a Halo Hero - click on this link!

Be a HALO Hero!
Promote your pet related business/club/organization and help re-unite pets….whilst preventing pet theft.

Why is the Halo so good?
The Halo Scanner has an advantage over other scanners because it immediately alerts the user to microchips which have been reported ‘missing’.

Whilst the scanner is charging its battery it updates from databases via the usb cable.

We all want as many stolen and missing pets to be re-united and here is how you can help….

How to become a ‘Halo hero’
1. Simply print out any one (or more) of our posters.
2. Display them in a public place where there are pets.
3. Take a photo and upload an image onto our Pet Theft facebook wall – telling us where the poster is displayed – please feel free to plug your business with a link!
4. On April 14th Bruce Forsyths ‘Vets Get Scanning’ will pick a worthy winner from which organisation they think will benefit from having a Halo scanner.

You can enter as many times as you like proving each pet theft prevention poster is in a different place.

Stolen Dogs: Have you seen them?

This is just a handful of the thousands of  many dogs which are stolen each year.
If you recognise any of them please contact DogLost

For every stolen pet there is a a desperate family (or person) left behind.
Unless you've experienced the theft of your pet or horse you will never know what it is really like to be a victim.

Imagine how the real owners of these dogs feel....and imagine how they will feel to get their beloved pet back!

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Using Technology: Prevent - Locate - Reunite.

Technology can be used in several ways:
It can prevent a theft, it can track a missing animal, it can locate the actual owner, and it can and it is also be used in ownership disputes.

Security measures have moved on from locks and chains. Modern devices or measures needn't cost much or take hours to setup so they are worth investing in.

CCTV is now affordable to everyone and easy to install.
For as little as £10 you can buy a webcam with software which activates recording if it senses movement and send your mobile phone an alert.
Even fake cameras act as a deterrent to opportunist thieves.

The Dog Tracker Plus collar is an outstanding piece of kit and if your dog is stolen it will give you a good chance of finding your dog.
The collar is extremely difficult to remove even with tools. If it is cut off  (or the signal is lost) then you will be alerted with the ability of seeing exactly where and when this happens. You can track your dog from your mobile phone or computer.

Each time you visit your vet ask for a scan to make certain the microchip is functioning properly.
It is also vital that your details are up-to-date.
A scanner might be able to find a chip on a missing or stolen pet but is only as good as the details on the database!
Pet Theft Awareness support Vets Get Scanning because stolen pets are often re-sold. The only hope of a safe return to the rightful owner is if pets are routinely scanned. Ask your vet if they routinely scan and please encourage them to as they might be the last hope an owner has of being reunited.

The Halo Scanner:
This scanner is excellent because it instantly allows the user to see if the chip they have scanned has been reported as missing.
It updates from databases whilst its battery is recharging via your computer's usb cable.
The Halo also comes with software which
Available from VioVet and other retailers for under £60

The Loc8tor includes four collar tags and a handheld finder. It doesn’t require a simcard as it works using radio frequencies – so no monthly contracts. Available for around £100 if you also purchase the essential splash-proof covers (sold separately).
The finder range is limited to about 100m in the field so its use would be better suited to the kennel.
For kennel security it has a boundary mode which alerts the handheld device if the fob leaves your set range.
Four separate fobs means four different dogs can be monitored – or you can save one fob for items and never lose your keys again!

PetGen offer DNA technology which will prove ownership of your dog should he/she be stolen and resold. Recently there have been legal disputes and a microchip registration might not necessarily prove ownership in court. For £25 your dog(s) DNA can be extracted and held on file for future use.
DNA storage and matching of samples has been effectively used in court to recover animals involved in dispute cases, where microchipping alone was deemed insufficient.

PetGen say:
Ideally you would take samples from each puppy as identification would be more accurate. You could technically prove ownership by showing that the puppies are the offspring of the bitch, but it may not look quite as good in a court case for example.”

Displaying a sign would deter thieves that your dogs are “too hot to handle”.

Want to use technology to help re-unite stolen and mising pets?

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

It COULD happen to you!

How would you cope not knowing how your loved-one is being treated?

"The worst thing is not knowing if they are alive or dead" - pet theft victim

We've spoken to several victims of dog and horse theft and their accounts are heartbreaking.

They have shared their stories to help others and to highlight their plight with the aim of somebody recognising their horse or their dog and coming forward with details.

If you recognise any of the stolen dogs and horses please get in touch with the relevant organisations.
You can also email us (in complete confidence if you have any details) via our facebook page or

click on the images to take you to the pages: horses  dogs
Thankfully there are some happy endings and victims have shared with us their good news stories.

"I will never forget when my mother flung open my bedroom door and with a strange panic in her voice said, "WAKE UP! THE HORSES HAVE BEEN STOLEN"..." read Debbie's real-life account here

Monday, 17 March 2014

Horse Theft:

Horse Theft Awareness:

Blog post from

General Tips:
Ensure your horse passport photos are up to date.
Visit your field at irregular hours - Don't follow routine
Ensure gates are padlocked when not in use.
Make notes of any suspicious vehicles in the area.
Consider having your horse freezemarked (a proven theft deterrent).
Ensure your tack is security marked.
Have photographs ready for instant use.

Always get legal advise when loaning!

Speak to other people at your stables about how you can work together.
Consider installing CCTV and putting signs warning potential thieves that they are being filmed.
Be pro-active with warning signs on gates: "Freezemarked" or "Branded" - "CCTV" etc

For excellent horse theft advice visit:

Help my horse has been stolen!
Be familiar with the various organisations which help victims:
Stolen Horse Register
Tracing Equines
Stolen Horse International

Always get legal advise when loaning!

Read Debbie’s account along with other stolen horse incidents.

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Dog Theft: Some facts and stats

Statistics and data is difficult to find as the police don't keep specific pet / horse theft data.

We spoke to Hertfordshire Police who told us that they;
"record the theft of a dog in the same category as the theft of a plantpot - as an object".

Many thanks to More Th>n Insurance for supplying us with their own data.

Read real life incidents of dog theft

Where will they steal your dog?

The answer is "wherever they can".

don't do it!
It's easy to prevent your dog from being stolen outside a shop and from a car.
Most dogs are stolen from your garden so make access difficult and consider CCTV
Be vigilant on walks and don't fall for distraction techniques.

 In March 2014 this puppy Theo was stolen whilst on a walk - the thieves used a distraction technique.

Figures and statistics are hard to come by because pets are regarded as "objects" when they are stolen.
Cars and bikes get recorded as specific thefts but unfortunately our family members are not currently regarded as important enough to warrant being recorded.

More Th>n Insurance conducted a survey and over half of the dogs reported stolen were taken from gardens.

Friday, 14 March 2014

Never make it easy for thieves!

Be aware of opportunist thieves and professional thieves:

Never leave your dog unattended while you shop.

Be vigilant that thieves may grab dogs from owners on walks.

Take regular photographs of your pets and be ready to use them.

Microchip your pets, keep records up to date, ask you vet to check the chip at each visit.
Do you know your important microchip numbers?

Keep your garden and property secure - most dogs are stolen from gardens.

Visit fields where your horses are at irregular intervals - don’t stick to a routine - work together with other horse owners to develop security measures - take notes of vehicles you don't recognise.

Consider your actions in advance of the unthinkable happening.
What plans do you have if you are a victim?
It is worth understanding what you need to do should your pet or horse get stolen.

Professional thieves:
These thieves will specifically target dogs, valuable cats, puppies and horses.
Be very careful who visits your house if you are selling puppies - have at least one other person with you to guard against puppy theft.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Welcome to the second Pet Theft Awareness Week. - March 14th to 21st.

During the past twelve months we've seen more dogs, cats and horses stolen. For victims it is heartbreaking.

Over the awareness week we'll be offering preventative advice, sharing victims' heartbreaking accounts, and posting regular graphics with the aim of finding stolen dogs and horses.

We rely on our supporters and followers to share our graphics on social media sites.
There are several ways you can help us spear the message.

Display our posters and win a Halo Scanner!
Halo have donated us a brilliant Halo Scanner to offer as a prize in our display a poster competition.
Please click on the link in the website panel or click here

Visit our facebook page each day and please 'share' statuses as we need everyone to help fight this despicable crime.

We'd like to thank our sponsors and supporters.
A special thanks goes to The Dog Union's Arnot Wilson who has put his heart and soul into this campaign.

If just one single pet or horse is prevented from being stolen, or if just one single family member is returned because of this campaign then it can be considered a success.

Thank you for reading.