Monday, 17 March 2014

Horse Theft:

Horse Theft Awareness:

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General Tips:
Ensure your horse passport photos are up to date.
Visit your field at irregular hours - Don't follow routine
Ensure gates are padlocked when not in use.
Make notes of any suspicious vehicles in the area.
Consider having your horse freezemarked (a proven theft deterrent).
Ensure your tack is security marked.
Have photographs ready for instant use.

Always get legal advise when loaning!

Speak to other people at your stables about how you can work together.
Consider installing CCTV and putting signs warning potential thieves that they are being filmed.
Be pro-active with warning signs on gates: "Freezemarked" or "Branded" - "CCTV" etc

For excellent horse theft advice visit:

Help my horse has been stolen!
Be familiar with the various organisations which help victims:
Stolen Horse Register
Tracing Equines
Stolen Horse International

Always get legal advise when loaning!

Read Debbie’s account along with other stolen horse incidents.

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