Tuesday, 18 March 2014

It COULD happen to you!

How would you cope not knowing how your loved-one is being treated?

"The worst thing is not knowing if they are alive or dead" - pet theft victim
visit www.pettheft.co.uk


We've spoken to several victims of dog and horse theft and their accounts are heartbreaking.

They have shared their stories to help others and to highlight their plight with the aim of somebody recognising their horse or their dog and coming forward with details.

If you recognise any of the stolen dogs and horses please get in touch with the relevant organisations.
You can also email us (in complete confidence if you have any details) via our facebook page or
email: contact@pettheft.co.uk

click on the images to take you to the pages: horses  dogs
Thankfully there are some happy endings and victims have shared with us their good news stories.

"I will never forget when my mother flung open my bedroom door and with a strange panic in her voice said, "WAKE UP! THE HORSES HAVE BEEN STOLEN"..." read Debbie's real-life account here

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