Friday, 14 March 2014

Never make it easy for thieves!

Be aware of opportunist thieves and professional thieves:

Never leave your dog unattended while you shop.

Be vigilant that thieves may grab dogs from owners on walks.

Take regular photographs of your pets and be ready to use them.

Microchip your pets, keep records up to date, ask you vet to check the chip at each visit.
Do you know your important microchip numbers?

Keep your garden and property secure - most dogs are stolen from gardens.

Visit fields where your horses are at irregular intervals - don’t stick to a routine - work together with other horse owners to develop security measures - take notes of vehicles you don't recognise.

Consider your actions in advance of the unthinkable happening.
What plans do you have if you are a victim?
It is worth understanding what you need to do should your pet or horse get stolen.

Professional thieves:
These thieves will specifically target dogs, valuable cats, puppies and horses.
Be very careful who visits your house if you are selling puppies - have at least one other person with you to guard against puppy theft.

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