Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Using Technology: Prevent - Locate - Reunite.

Technology can be used in several ways:
It can prevent a theft, it can track a missing animal, it can locate the actual owner, and it can and it is also be used in ownership disputes.

Security measures have moved on from locks and chains. Modern devices or measures needn't cost much or take hours to setup so they are worth investing in.

CCTV is now affordable to everyone and easy to install.
For as little as £10 you can buy a webcam with software which activates recording if it senses movement and send your mobile phone an alert.
Even fake cameras act as a deterrent to opportunist thieves.

The Dog Tracker Plus collar is an outstanding piece of kit and if your dog is stolen it will give you a good chance of finding your dog.
The collar is extremely difficult to remove even with tools. If it is cut off  (or the signal is lost) then you will be alerted with the ability of seeing exactly where and when this happens. You can track your dog from your mobile phone or computer.

Each time you visit your vet ask for a scan to make certain the microchip is functioning properly.
It is also vital that your details are up-to-date.
A scanner might be able to find a chip on a missing or stolen pet but is only as good as the details on the database!
Pet Theft Awareness support Vets Get Scanning because stolen pets are often re-sold. The only hope of a safe return to the rightful owner is if pets are routinely scanned. Ask your vet if they routinely scan and please encourage them to as they might be the last hope an owner has of being reunited.

The Halo Scanner:
This scanner is excellent because it instantly allows the user to see if the chip they have scanned has been reported as missing.
It updates from databases whilst its battery is recharging via your computer's usb cable.
The Halo also comes with software which
Available from VioVet and other retailers for under £60

The Loc8tor includes four collar tags and a handheld finder. It doesn’t require a simcard as it works using radio frequencies – so no monthly contracts. Available for around £100 if you also purchase the essential splash-proof covers (sold separately).
The finder range is limited to about 100m in the field so its use would be better suited to the kennel.
For kennel security it has a boundary mode which alerts the handheld device if the fob leaves your set range.
Four separate fobs means four different dogs can be monitored – or you can save one fob for items and never lose your keys again!

PetGen offer DNA technology which will prove ownership of your dog should he/she be stolen and resold. Recently there have been legal disputes and a microchip registration might not necessarily prove ownership in court. For £25 your dog(s) DNA can be extracted and held on file for future use.
DNA storage and matching of samples has been effectively used in court to recover animals involved in dispute cases, where microchipping alone was deemed insufficient.

PetGen say:
Ideally you would take samples from each puppy as identification would be more accurate. You could technically prove ownership by showing that the puppies are the offspring of the bitch, but it may not look quite as good in a court case for example.”

Displaying a sign would deter thieves that your dogs are “too hot to handle”.

Want to use technology to help re-unite stolen and mising pets?

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