Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Working dogs are valuable to thieves.

The shooting season has started and professional gangs are targeting fields and moors in search of high value breeding dogs.

Why are people stealing working gundogs?
The answer is obvious.
Gundogs are valuable - it is as simple as that. They are pedigree dogs and they can be sold as working dogs or used on puppy breeding farms.

Dogs are snatched from the field or bundled into a vehicle after a shoot.
Whichever way they are taken the outcome is the same.
Pet Theft Awareness has first hand accounts from victims who have had their working dogs stolen from under their noses.We also know of dogs who have been stolen then recovered on puppy farms.

Prevention is always best:
Be aware of others around you. Is there anyone around who is unfamiliar? Are there any unfamiliar vehicles?
Keep close eyes on your dogs especially and know where they are at all times.
Be prepared to act quickly if you see a risk of a theft.
Look out for others too and ask them to do the same for you.

Gundog Gone? What to do immediately:
The faster you act the better your chances of a safe return are.
Write down as much information as possible regarding the circumstances, vehicles in the area or anything which could help.
Contact the police a soon as you realise your dog is missing.
Contact friends and start an immediate search of the area.
Put a message out on Facebook including an image of your dog. Tell your friends to share.
Tweet too with as much information as you can including a recent photo of your dog.
If you have not done so already activate your dog's details on DogLost.co.uk and visit their site for help and information.

Our sponsors VioVet have a gundog theft blog:

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