Friday, 20 February 2015

Please complete our surveys - ask friends too!

Why the need for a survey?

Pet theft is a terrible crime and we need to convince authorities that something needs to be done.
Hard facts and data is vital. We know that most people want pet and horse thieves to face a custodial sentence but to prove this we need some surveys.
Some of the questions might seem unusual but they will have a use in the future or your answers will appeal to a specific audience where we want publicity.

We invite and urge as many pet and horse owners to complete our survey.
You don't need to have been a victim as many of the questions are asking opinions.

Dog Survey: ends Feb 25th:
Cat Survey: ends Feb 25th:
Horse Survey: ends March 2nd:
Bird Survey: ends March 2nd:

Please share the links and spread on relevant forums, social media platforms and websites.