Friday, 13 March 2015

Welcome to the VioVet 'Pet Theft Awareness Week 2015'.

A Freedom of Information Request to nine major police forces across the UK to coincide with the 2015 Viovet Pet Theft Awareness Week

VioVet submitted nine FOI requests, asking for domestic pet theft statistics for the calendar year of 2014, and received data from eight forces: Greater Manchester Police, Northumbria Police (Newcastle), West Yorkshire Police (Leeds), Avon and Somerset Constabulary (Bristol), West Midlands police (Birmingham), Thames Valley Police (Buckinghamshire), Hertfordshire Constabulary and Bedfordshire Police.
The Metropolitan Police Service (London) rejected the FOI on the grounds that sourcing the information would take too long.

91% of Stolen Pets were never recovered by the Police.
Pet Theft Awareness don't blame the Police for a poor recovery rate as they are under-resourced in this area and the law treats pets as 'objects' with the same legal status as wheelbarrows and mobile phones.

We'd like to help the Police by lobbying parliament and giving them tough measures to deter thieves - which we believe will reduce the misery of pet and horse theft.
We believe that mandatory prison sentencing will greatly reduce pet thefts which will give our Police services MORE time to investigate other crimes.
For the 9% of pets they return the owners will be very grateful for the work the Police have done.
The remaining 91% will rely on organisations such as and other social media platforms to find THEIR pets. If your pet is microchipped it will of course increase the chances of a stolen resold pet being found providing a vet (or someone) actually scans pets' for microchips.
Unfortunately there is no scanning legislation in place!
The figures, sourced and collated show that of the 883 pets stolen, only 77 were recovered of which one was found dead.
Pet owners in Bristol have the least chance of their pets being found: only one of the 107 fish, birds, dogs, guinea pigs, rabbits and tortoises recorded as stolen was ever returned.
Conversely, in Manchester, 46 pets were returned from a total of 312 that were reported stolen, including a ferret.
Out of the total of 883, dogs were the most likely to be stolen (271 or 31%) closely followed by fish (253 or 29%) and birds (221 or 25%).
The figures reveal some interesting regional variations: more fish were stolen in Manchester than dogs (127 versus 126) whereas Newcastle police recorded the theft of 90 birds comprising 79 pigeons, 10 ducks and a parrot.
Cats, perhaps surprisingly, account for only 3% of the total recorded thefts, despite being one of the most popular domestic pets. Why is it that the police are only recording 3% cats?
Perhaps they'd rather have figures showing  them 'lost' rather than stolen?

Thank you to for providing us with this interesting data.

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