Friday, 2 October 2015

Compulsory scanning would reunite stolen dogs!

Have you signed the government e-petition to help reunite stolen and missing dogs?
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Pet owners are being urged to support a government e-petition #ScanMe to introduce compulsory scanning after 94% of dog owners mistakenly believed that their dog would be automatically scanned if it went missing.

The survey, which was carried out at Pup Aid at London’s Primrose Hill by the Stolen & Missing Pets Alliance, is a stark reminder that although compulsory microchipping for dogs becomes law next April, there is no compulsion for vets, local authorities or rescue centres to scan a stray dog for its chip.

All those questioned said that they believed scanning should be compulsory from next year as it was pointless for the chips to be compulsory if scanning wasn’t.
Paradoxically the Department of Transport introduced the mandatory scanning by the Highways Agencies of deceased dogs involved in road traffic accidents, whilst scanning by other authorities remain arbitrary.
Debbie Matthews, daughter of Sir Bruce Forsyth and member of SAMPA, has campaigned tirelessly for 10 years to get vets scanning since her father helped her to recover her stolen dogs.
Said Debbie: "I can’t believe that it is mandatory to scan dogs killed on the motorways but that a dog that has gone missing or been stolen and is subsequently found will not necessarily be scanned by vets, rescues and local authorities. This does not make sense and must be changed. If it's law to microchip it should be law to scan. Dead or alive, all pets deserve to be scanned.”

Please encourage everyone to sign and help to reach the 100,000 needed by Jan21st.

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