Friday, 12 August 2016

Dog Theft Affecting The Family: Dealing With Grief & Loss

By guest blogger from USA: Amber Kingsley

Thieves, thugs, looters and louts have been causing people stress and heartache since the beginning of time. But when they take a member of our family, this presents a loss on a completely different level. It’s not like losing a material possession, our best four-legged friend has been ripped from the family and this is very traumatic.
While some of our pets can suffer from separation anxiety if we leave them alone for extended periods of time, when they disappear from our lives completely, the grief and trauma we experience can sometimes seem unbearable. Keep in mind these important tips when losing a beloved pet from theft:

Don’t Give Up!

While the first forty-eight hours during the disappearance of a human are often called the critical time for their safe return, there have been many documented cases when animals have been returned with their owners weeks, months or even years after they were lost or abducted. In one peculiar and bizarre case from the United States, a family found their beloved pet for sale on Craigslist (or UK websites such as Gumtree) after it was stolen and they bought their dog back from the thief.

On a personal level, I once had a dog that disappeared and after a few weeks went by, I gave up hope that she would be returned. Exactly three months, three weeks and three days later, I got a phone call from the party who found her. Apparently, the person who had taken her in (she had lost her collar and ID tags) assumed she was a stray. It was only when a friend of hers had seen one of my faded flyers that she shared this information with her buddy and the rest is history - I got my dog back!

Stolen Pets Can't be Replaced!

In some cases, many people who have lost a pet, whether it was from death, desertion or dognapping, they’re are often advised by well-meaning friends or family to replace their beloved animal almost immediately! Perhaps this seems like a good option in filling this painful void, but it isn’t necessarily a good avenue to pursue when it comes to compensating for this type of loss.

For one thing, your pet may turn up and now you have two animals to contend with and they may not necessarily get along with each other. Before you throw in the towel when it comes to their safe return, you may want to wait a reasonable amount of time before considering a replacement. Even if you find a cute dog that needs a home, it happens to be of the same breed of your missing canine, you might resent them for not having the same personality and attributes of your former best friend.

Don’t Let A Teachable Moment Pass You By

Especially when they’re children involved, don’t let this traumatic experience pass you by without some important lessons that can be learned from this type of life-changing event. This can be a time when children can learn more about “stranger danger,” the importance of ensuring they are protected from abduction and their possessions are also safe.

You can explain to them that even though we’re good people ourselves, others may not have the best intentions and they should remain cautious at all times. We all know this sad and sick scenario, a seemingly nice person uses a cute puppy or kitten to lure children into a dangerous situation.

Protect your children from possible perils by sharing how dangerous the outside world can be when it comes to unsavoury characters. You have the potential of possibly preventing another tragedy from occurring when it comes to your two-legged children.

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