Sunday, 12 March 2017

Pet Theft Awareness Week 2017

As part of the fifth Pet Theft Awareness Week (14th to 21st March),  Dog Theft Awareness Day is held on Tuesday 14th March in the Houses of Parliament.

With dog theft increasing year on year, Gareth Johnson, MP for Dartford is hosting the event in an effort to bring the problem to the attention of his fellow MPs and encourage them to support his campaign for a change in the legislation in regard to dog theft.

Richard Jordan of VioVet, the online veterinary retailer and Arnot Wilson of the Dog Union, co-founders of Pet Theft Awareness, said “This is a unique opportunity for dog owners to influence MPs in to supporting Gareth Johnson’s campaign to get tougher legislation for this terrible crime.

Also during Pet Theft Awareness Week we want to highlight the theft of cats.
Mar.21st is Cat Theft Awareness Day.
Please use the hashtag
#MissingCatsDay with photos of your missing cat and share on social-media. You can also register cats on
Read about Clooney and why this owner will never give up searching:

Pet Theft 2017 Schedule:

Mar.12th : Where are Dogs Stolen From? (ahead)

Mar.14th:  DTAD (Tue) #DogTheftAwarenessDay

Mar.15th:  Prevention (Wed)

Mar.16th:  Laws (Thu)

Mar.17th:  Horse (Fri)

Mar.19th:  Don't Buy Stolen Pets  (Sun)

Mar. 21st:  Cat Theft Awareness Day.
#MissingCatsDay (Tue)